Comic Pulls`

Setting up a Pull Box

Are you tired of your local comic book store running out of your favorite comic? Do you find yourself paying triple the cover price for a #1 or #2 issue of a comic that you didn’t even know had come out?

If you answered yes to either of these two questions, you should set up a pull and hold subscription. This service is free.

The way this works is as follows. Come into the store and tell us the comic titles that you want us to put aside for you.

Then, at least once per month, come by and see what’s in your pull box.

You will receive free bags and boards and a discount depending on how many comics are on your pull list. (See below). You can also ask us to hold manga and graphic novels!

Please come by today to set up this service.

0-19 Comics         Free Bags and Boards
20+ Comics          10% off cover price + Free Bags and Boards

Why set up a pull box?

Not all stores believe in setting up a subscription service for their customers. Some stores display all their comics on the shelves and have a first come, first serve philosophy.

At Alakazam, we have different philosophy. We want to be able to order enough comics to satisfy our customers … and that’s all. We don’t want to hold on to comics to speculate or to hope that someone will want them 2 years from now. We order to sell through.

We have found that this way of doing business is what allows us to survive while other comic book stores go out of business. We are very careful and we order what we need to satisfy our customer base.

By telling us what comics you want to read, you help us determine how many comics to get for our store. We are then better able to keep our cost of goods down and we pass on some of our savings to you through discounts and free bags and boards.