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Graphic Novel Submission Guidelines

We need your help!

This year is our 10 year anniversary.

As part of our celebration, we are publishing a commemorative Graphic Novel/Scrapbook. We want to have our customers, employees, and guest artists and writers share stories about the past 10 years.

These stories can be in the format of a comic page, a drawing, a short story, a poem - basically anything that is creative and highlights our store or anything we sell in our store. MUST BE FAMILY FRIENDLY!

So, if you've been dying to get something in print or want to share what Alakazam has meant to you or have something witty to say about Yu-Gi-Oh, Batman, or Magic the Gathering, please submit something.

We will be giving prizes to the most creative and interesting submissions for our graphic novel. We have two different categories:

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award for each category. ($75, $20, and $10.00 gift certficates).

Thanks ahead of time for your support!


  1. We're planning on using lulu.comas our publisher.
  2. Graphic Novel will be approximately 150 pages.
  3. Interior pages will be in black and white. Cover will be in color.
  4. The graphic novel will sell at a price of $15.00 to $20.00.
  5. 20% of the profits will be donated to our favorite non-profit - The Echo Park Film Center.
  6. All submissions must be submitted by March 31, 2009.
  7. You will be recognized/credited in the book but will not get paid for your submission.
  8. If you are a published artist/author (in print or on the internet) and you give us a short bio, we'll include it in the book.
  9. We will be publishing anywhere from 100 to 500 copies of this graphic novel.
  10. Graphic Novel will be 6.625" by 10.25". With a .5 margin all around and a 1.125" gutter.
  11. This means that what you submit should fit 5.5" by 9.25"formatting hints
  12. We'd prefer that you submit a PDF. Please email the PDF to alakazamcomics@aol.com
  13. If you can't submit a PDF, please bring the artwork to our store - Alakazam - 4237 Campus Dr., Ste. B162, Irvine, CA 92612.
  14. We will not be returning artwork so if you'd like to keep your artwork, please either send us a PDF or give us a high quality color copy.
  15. We hope to print every submission that we get. However, we might not be able to if we get too many submissions.
  16. If we get too many submissions, we will convene a jury of three people to determine which submissions to print.
  17. This jury will be made up of owner Marco Davanzo, manager Willard Call, and one other person to be named later.